UBC C21 Information Graphics

The UBC Physics department created the C21 website to make core physics concepts available to the general public. To create public interest and augment the articles on the site they asked us to develop information posters and videos that would illustrate and visually support the content.

Van Ly and I created a core design for the poster series with a diagonal approach for all of the text. We felt that the imagery created should be tailored for each topic to maximize its unique qualities. We created all the visuals with soft focus to complement the crispness of the typography.

The video works use visual imagery based on the posters, because of the medium we were able to increase the scope of visual possibilities.

The videos use visuals developed for the posters. Because of the added motion available on video we were able to increase the scope of the layering and interaction of elements.


Video 1
Video 2


UBC Physics and Astronomy


Chris Waltham and Theresa Liao

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